Hand Tufted Rugs

Simply stated, Hand Tufted is an art requiring the highest level of skill. Area rugs, unique in shape and size, can be created without limitation. Exceptionally large pieces can be manufactured without seams in an infinite variety of textures and colors. We believe design should free the spirit, performance should inspire, and craftsmanship should captivate the imagination. That is what our wholesale custom hand tufted rugs are all about. In a word, magic.

Why Innovative

Leading hotels and resorts across the globe choose Innovative Carpet’s handcrafted customized wool rugs for their exceptional beauty and enduring quality. We rely on advanced design technology coupled with over 20 years of manufacturing expertise, to produce a Hand Tufted product that is an artistic interpretation, yet a highly functional furnishing. Our rug program is unsurpassed in workmanship and elegance.

Hand Tufted Designs

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