For over 30 years, our goal at Innovative Carpets has been to deliver clients with a superior combination of the finest products, coupled with exceptional service. Innovative Carpets has proven its place in the market as one of the most efficient and knowledgeable hospitality contract carpet and rug manufacturers, we continue to work tirelessly to deepen this commitment to our clients – providing designers, buyers and hoteliers with extraordinary service and the professional experience they deserve with each and every project.

When choosing Innovative Carpets to grace the foundation of your hotel, resort, casino, restaurant, event space or private residence – you are joining a myriad of discerning clientele who consider design and quality the foundation for an exquisitely made custom hand tufted rug or woven axminster carpet.


Principal, Bob Couri

Bob founded Innovative Carpets in 1990 with a passion to produce exceptional hand tufted rugs and axminster carpets. To deliver on this promise, Bob combines his 40 years of manufacturing expertise with an understanding of the importance of client-service and the need for knowledgeable sales representatives.

It is Bob’s practice to over-analyze and obsess over the details – a favorite expression expressed among his team is “be thorough.” In his words, “When clients heavily rely upon you to expressly guide them, there is no room for mistakes – only perfection will do…”

For over 30 years, Bob has remained true to his passion –personally supervising each phase of development for all projects, from planning to production. In doing so, Innovative Carpets ensures its clients that each custom rug and carpet will be expertly produced from inception to installation.

Stephanie Ciongoli, Exec VP|Sales & Design

Stephanie merged her formal education in fine arts, with her business background in marketing, to create the perfect amalgamation – a career in contract floor design and manufacturing.

Since joining Innovative Carpets in 1997, Stephanie has found her niche providing interior designers with the creative expertise and technical knowledge necessary to craft unique handmade rugs and woven axminster carpets that are well-designed and expertly produced.

Today, each rug and carpet project still receives distinctive individual attention and each client remains uniquely as important as the project itself.